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About Us

We believe in change

We believe that we can best find our place in this ever-changing world if we are flexible enough in our behaviour, our thinking and our attitude.

We believe that the power of coaching can bring success to you so you can live a happier and more balanced life.

But what does success and happiness mean?

It’s you who has the answer! It’s up to you how you want to achieve them.
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You set the goals

and we will support you in making better use of your existing and hidden competencies mobilising all your resources to make a difference.

Every person has the potential to change, as John Wooden, one of the greatest record-breaking coaches in basketball history, says “When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur… Don’t look for the quick, big improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That’s the only way it happens – and when it happens, it lasts.”

We are here to help!

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Who we are?

Ms.Ildikó Simon

English, English

I have been working as a trainer for 25 years, partly with NGOs and partly with companies. I have a degree in social sciences. I am at home in many different fields, whether it is sports (I am a former handball coach) or the business sector. I believe that despite our given abilities and obstacles we carry with us, we can do a lot to improve ourselves by using our passive resources.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many successful individual coachees. Primarily, I want to help couples, sportspeople overcome their blocks, but you can also contact me with individual life changes and future plans. I have successfully lost over 70 pounds in a year through exercise and lifestyle changes, and I have also started boxing classes, so I think I am well suited to help those with similar goals.

Ms. Zsófia Tornóczi

English, English

I have a degree in cultural anthropology and intercultural education, I have been working with groups and individuals for almost 20 years as a project coordinator, organisational developer, trainer and coach. In recent years my focus has shifted from groups to individuals in the field of both life coaching and business coaching.

My focus is on work-life balance, time management and communication in general as well as in intercultural contexts. I believe that by making the right choices, step by step everyone can get closer to their goals and become more satisfied with their lives. I am here to support you with this.

When not working, I prefer spending my free time in the nature: on two wheels, near water or in the mountains.

What we can offer?

Life coaching

Do you feel like the whole world is conspiring against you, your tasks are piling up, you don’t have enough time for yourself? In our private lives, we are often faced with tasks and problems that we have to respond to, and there are times when our routine is no longer enough. This is where life coaching, a goal and result oriented, highly effective personal development process, can help. With our support you will discover the opportunities around you and recognise your own responsibilities, learn to prioritize your personal life and have more time for the things that give you extra energy.
And here’s the good news, life coaching not only has benefits in your personal life, it can also make a difference to your performance at work. Life coaching can boost your confidence, improve your personal relationships and make you more balanced.

PAIR coaching

Do you live in Hungary as expats and feel a bit lost as a couple here? Are you in an intercultural relationship and need some support to manage your conflicts? You are not alone, perhaps there is no relationship or marriage that doesn’t have ups and downs but often people don’t talk about the problems and sweep them under the carpet.
A couples coach will help you find the right way to deal with conflicts and support you in articulating your needs towards each other. This requires learning different communication and conflict management techniques in order to become more open to understanding yourself and your partner. After the coaching process, you will be able to transform conflict situations into constructive conversations and thus develop real acceptance between you.
In couples coaching you can also work on your marriage or relationship on your own, if your partner cannot be motivated to come along with you.

Business coaching

Just as it is no question for a professional athlete to push the limits of his or her performance to the highest possible level, in business it has also become increasingly vital to improve individual performance in order to remain competitive. In case of an athlete, this is unthinkable without a coach. The same way in business it is also becoming accepted that the development process should be supported by a coach.
Tim Gallwey – professional tennis player and tennis coach – was the first to demonstrate that the tools and techniques used in the world of sport can be applied to business. Phrases such as „you can do better than this” or „let’s get the best out of you” suggest that performance can be improved.

Career coaching

When you realise that you are not motivated enough in your current job, you don’t have a good relationship with your colleagues or manager, or you are already anxious about Monday on a Sunday afternoon, then it is certainly time for a change.
A career coach can support you with planning your career in your current job, or even finding your dream job. They can also help you write a CV or prepare for an interview. You will identify your personal strengths and skills and succeed in finding your career goals and individual motivations. The coaching process will also develop your communication skills which you can use in a job interview.

Sports coaching

Who can benefit from sports coaching? Amateur and competitive sportspeople, coaches and parents.
Sport not only trains your body, but also your mind, it develops self-discipline, perseverance and cooperation. Yet there are moments when we lose our self-confidence, we can’t cope with a drop in performance, we have conflicts with our coaches, teammates, parents. Or as a coach or parent we lose our patience, we can’t handle everyday problems and challenges, we feel we have run out of tools to support the other person.
A sports coach can help you develop mental toughness: what you can do to prepare yourself for the physical and mental challenges ahead. It can also support you if you are just starting out in your sporting career, whether as a professional or amateur sportsperson.

How does our coaching process look like?

The coaching session takes place in private at our office in the 11th district of Budapest, or online, whichever fits your needs best.

Step 1

First we map your challenges and we decide together if coaching is the most effective support for you.


Step 2

We then support you in clarifying your goals. In the coming session we focus on finding solutions and planning the necessary steps to follow up on your commitments.


Step 3

Finally the coaching process is closed by drawing conclusions.

The average duration of coaching sessions is 60 minutes. In our experience, you can reach your goal in 6-8 sessions, but this of course can differ. We meet every one or two weeks, so the whole process can take 3-5 months, but this can also be shorter or longer. Life -és sportcoaching 50 EUR/session, Carrier-és business coaching 65 EUR/session and Couples coaching 65 EUR/session.

Are you ready for a journey with us?

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